Riding a rental CARBON bike in Montreal is now possible

Yes, we listened to you, our customers!    We are now renting the extreme performance Cannondale CARBON series road bikes Supersix Evo Carbon and Synapse Carbon.

EVO is designed for the serious road racer.



Synapse Carbon is an endurance bike for people who live for the love of the ride. If you are fit, serious, high-performance riders but set your sights beyond the tightly defined world of the pure racer this is the bike for an all-day-epic ride.

Cannondale Synapse Carbon at MaBicyclette

Constructed with the flex to give and the snap to go, Synapse is an ideal blend of compliance, rigidity and weight and redefines “endurance”

The Tour de l’Île de Montréal, Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rent a bike for The Tour de l’Île de Montréal, Sunday, May 31, 2015 and you will be happy that you had a ride in comfort. This event has 3 versions.





28 or 50 km

Classic version: 50 km of car-free streets, ideal opportunity to see and experience Montréal in a different way. The same pleasure is possible over a shorter distance, via the 28 km route.

Départ : avenue du Parc, 9 h 15
Relais : km 19, 33 et 41 (km 19 sur le parcours 28 km)
Arrivée : parc Jeanne-Mance

50 km Express

Accelerated version where, first to leave, cyclists travel at 30 km/h for 1½ hours on closed-off downtown streets route of the Tour de l’Île de Montréal.

Start: Parc Avenue, 9:15 a.m.
Finish: Jeanne-Mance Park

65-100 km Découverte

The morning route allowing cyclists to literally bike around the island and discover the Montréal shoreline with the possibility of shortening the route to 65 km. The first 75 km take place on a marked route open to motorists and the last 25 km on the regular car-free route of the Tour de l’Île.

Start: Parc Avenue, between 7 and 10 a.m.
Lunch Area: km 65 or km 36
Rest Areas: access to Rest Area 2-Le lait (km 79 or km 49) and Rest Area 3-Desjardins (km 87 or km 57)
Finish: Jeanne-Mance Park

pour s’inscrire, allez sur le site


Acc_GVM-FRPart of Festival Go Velo Montreal

The Tour la Nuit, Friday, May 29, 2015

Experience the annual exceptionally beautiful fun night ride – It’s  Montréal street biking at its best.

Get a costume, rent a bike if you don’t have one or yours is just as not comfy for a long ride and get going along the other 17.000 participants.


Because safety is important for us, if you rent for this event you will get from “Ma Bicyclette” a light a helmet and a map.

C2MTL – Bike rental official provider

Ma Bicyclette is the official bike provider and one of the partners of this year famous C2MTL, a three days event on creative and visionary thinking to commercial problems. 26-28 of MAY.

C2 Montreal takes place close to us, at the Arsenal , a former industrial building that is a heritage art gallery today. 2020, rue William.

As the official bike provider for C2 Montréal, Ma Bicyclette is the perfect exploration gear and guidance for the visitors and guests of the Arsenal at C2 Montreal.

Official bike provider for C2MTL

Official bike provider for C2MTL

C2 Montréal is an immersive three-day event that appeals as much to the left half of your brain as it does to the right through a vast array of non-traditional experiences. World-renowned speakers, interactive exhibits, collaborative workshops and a collective experience all take place within a custom-designed Innovation Village built exclusively for the event by C2 Montréal.

C2 Montréal unites the cream of the international business crop and works to stimulate creative and even visionary thinking to commercial problems. This is encouraged through an immersive environment that fosters collaboration and the emergence of innovative business solutions. C2 Montréal was founded and Imagined by the Sid Lee creative agency in collaboration with Founding Partner Cirque du Soleil, Leadership Partner Microsoft, Content and Media Partner Fast Company magazine and Technology Partner EMC.


Marinoni – The Movie

This past weekend I watched the new documentary film « MARINONI – The Fire in the Frame » by our good friend Tony Girardin, at the RIDM festival.  This documentary is a tremendously uplifting and therefore…a MUST-see.  It provides an intimate and often hilarious glimpse into the life of Montreal based, bicycle craftsman Giuseppe Marinoni.   There is so much more to this film then reverence for this frame builder – it ignites the slumbering bear within us.  A wake up call that unless we push through our challenges – well, the fire goes out.

Congratulations to all those involved in making this film.  It was a pleasure to hear both Giuseppe Marinoni and Tony Girardin speak and answer questions – which, they did with grace and hilarity.   I LOVE that Mr. Marinoni already has his sights set on beating the hour record for his age – AGAIN – at age 80!

To the gent who made off with a brand new, beautiful Marinoni frame just for having his birthday close to the scheduled spring release date…you is LUCKY!

Overriding the family car

Xtracycle with kids

Three years ago, I overrode my notion of the family car (at least whenever possible) – to mean this:   Xtracycle’s FreeRadical conversion kit.

Xtracycle's FreeRadical Conversion Kit

Xtracycle’s FreeRadical Conversion Kit

For non believers, I’ve included a quick table to outline the basic pros & cons of car vs. cargo bike leading to this conversion:

Extreme broil climate of a car in summer’s sun…come on air conditioning.Easy & breezy all embark on the family bike
Circle, circle, circle the block(s).  Keep envisioning that parking space freeing up – remember “The Secret”.Pull right up to wherever you’re going.  Find object within meters – to which you will lock your bike.
$52, $52, $52 (price of a Mtl parking ticket) / gas / insurance / gas / oil / enviro destructFree!  No pollution.  Part of the solution.
Mood – irritability, impatience, lack of control in traffic.  Angry feelings of wanting to bite something or screamGreat mood – happy, sense of freedom, empowerment.  High grade conversations with my kids.  All getting fresh air – mom’s happy.
No exercise for anyone – eat donuts.  More coffee.Great workout – no need for separate “exercise” time.
Pack more & more & more stuff you don’t needKids learn about the rules & the nature of traffic in a very intuitive way.  Bring only the essentials with you.
 Kids are passive passengersKids learn to a great passion for cycling
If it rains you have 100% coverageIn the case of the rain: put on rain jackets and have kids hold umbrellas over their heads (90%) coverage.  See above.

This spring, I’m switching to Xtracycle’s latest & greatest Edgerunner 24D:

This beauty is equipped with a 20” rear wheel, which, lowers the center of gravity, making this bike very stable. The cargo weight is positioned over this lower back wheel, making it lighter to carry your cargo.  Turning sharp corners or climbing hills with two kids on the back is no problem.

The accessories are amazing.  From cargo bags (of varying qualities), to side cars, to kickback kick stands this company offers many solutions to your cargo bike needs.  If your cargo is younger, Yepp baby seats are easily snapped into place (also available for rent or purchase at Ma Bicyclette).

Edgerunner + Yepp baby seat

Edgerunner + Yepp baby seat

The Edgerunner is also equipped to be able to integrate the BIONX electric assist system for those looking for a little extra boost.

We at Ma Bicyclette have tested Xtracycle’s products and are firm believers in this company’s ethos & integrity.  We have included the Edgerunner as part of our 2015 rental fleet of bicycles so that you can come and try it out for yourself.  We are also an Official Retailer for Xtracycle’s Edgerunner – because, we know you are going to love this cargo solution as much as we do!


Canadian Indoor Velodrome

Biking Montreal's Velodrome 1976

January 1, 2015.   The ever-growing town of Milton, ON saw the opening of you – the Mattamy National Cycling Centre…the first UCI-regulated, class 1 indoor velodrome in Canada.   You, of course, are more than an extraordinary indoor 250 m Siberian Spruce cycling track.  You, are also home to gymnasium courts, a 300-m walking / jogging track, a fitness centre, a studio (for yoga, pilates, etc), a bike shop, a café and meeting rooms. You offer bicycle storage, bicycle rentals and helmet rentals.

You offer such courses as:  Learn to ride a Bike (3-10 years), Let’s Ride! Cycling Camp (8-10 years), Get on the Track! Fundamentals Camp (11-14 years) and various Coaching Programs.

You are already having to add extra certification sessions for those eager to get on the track ~ due to high demand.  You offer Intro-To-Track Cycling (ages 10 & up), High-Performance Track Training and Track Cycle Fit (for recreational users).   You will host progressive local schools by offering your “Try-the-Track Program”.   You will accommodate corporate groups looking to strengthen team spirit and the Milton Cycling Academy offerings will include specialty sessions such as Match Sprinting, Individual Pursuit, Team Pursuit, Keirin, Madison team racing and group race training.

You, Mattamy National Cycling Center are beautiful.  You offer an exciting alternative within our ferocious winter climate.  May you be greatly admired throughout the 2015 Pan America Games in the coming months.  May the people admire your prefabricated in Germany, Siberian spruce track held together by hand hammered 80 mm nails.  Your designer Walter Von Lutcken’s claims that you will be a “fast track” will surely meet the enthusiasm of all who ride upon you.  There is only one other like you in all of North America – in Los Angeles…but we love you because you are Canadian.  May you herald a new chapter in the sport of cycling in Canada.  And may we in Montreal, eventually overcome our great sense of loss for our Olympic velodrome (RIP 1976 – 1989) turned indoor zoo.  May we see your success and be inspired for our glorious renewal.

CBC video – during construction of Mattamy National Cycling Center.

Mattamy National Cycling Center

Mattamy National Cycling Center

A Seasonal Infatuation? Fat Bike

Montrealer rents Fat Bike

It’s a seasonal infatuation
.   At least, that’s what I’ll have to tell my other bikes when I introduce…Fat Bike.   I’m still a newbie to the sport that involves smashing bulbous 4 to 5 inch tires through every condition of snow, and man is it fun!  Prerequisites to wielding this 23 – 40 pound (depending on how much you want to pay) beast around is a desire to be outside in the fresh air.

Snow biking is a fire stoker guaranteed to crank up your body temp on any wintery day.   It beats the indoor trainer doldrums and is an extremely effective workout.

Dress the part: remember you’re going to be outdoors and the conditions (and your body temperatures) will / can change dramatically. It’s easy to overdress and overheat. It’s wise to bring some extra dry / warm layers.

Hydrate: be sure to bring water & energy snacks with you

Remember: Getting a flat is possible.  Have a plan.

The Fat Bike scene is exploding with the telltale signs being the growing number of bike improvements, sales, events and ride-able terrains. This past weekend, I attended Rossland’s first Fat Bike Fest, which saw an impressive turn out of keen riders of all styles and backgrounds.  Congratulations and thanks go out to Revolution Cycles.

Whether you’re a biking enthusiast looking to bridge the winter gap, a keen skier looking to switch up your activity of choice on substandard snow days, or a nature lover of any variety looking to play during the slushy pre/post winter changeover times, Fat Biking could easily be for you.  Of course, the Fat Bike extends well beyond the winter months with the bike’s  ability to roll over sand (and pretty much any kind of bumps in your way).  It’ll be exciting to watch the uses of the Fat get pushed into new realms.

It’s worth a try!  If you’re in the Montreal area, Le Yeti provides Fat Bike rentals.

A couple of upcoming events in the Montreal area(ish) to get you motivated:

February 15, 2015 – Oka Quebec LE GRAND FAT TOUR

February 28, 2015 – BIKE ACROSS LAC ST JEAN (30 km)

February 27-March 1, 2015 –  Kingdom Trails, Burke, VT (various activities and free fat bike demos) WINTERBIKE

Where to Fat Bike:

Velo Quebec has provided this list of the official centres that allow Fat Biking in Quebec. (Please be sure to contact the centre before your departure).

Mont Rigaud:  Mountain bike trails are now accessible in the winter and are groomed by snowmobile.   Prices are the same as in the summer.

Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook:  10 km of trails have been packed down for practicing.  Bike rentals available by calling in advance.

Sepaq – Oka National Park:  Fat Biking is permitted on the pedestrian foot trails and snowshoeing trails only, with the exception of the cavalry section. Fat Biking is forbidden on all of the cross country ski paths.

Sentiers du Moulin:  Paid access is allowed on the snowshoe paths and the cross-country ski trails (not those for skate skiing). Helmets are mandatory.

Centre National de cyclisme de Bromont:  Certain paths have been packed down by snowmobiles to permit Fat Bikes to circulate.

Gentilly River Park, Sainte-Marie de Blandford:  Fat Bike has been permitted for the first time this year. Paid access.

Mont Lac-Vert, Hebertville:  10 km of paths are maintained for practicing Fat Biking. Free access. No bicycle rentals.

Club de ski de fond Dorval, Alma:   Bicycle rentals available and access is allowed on cross-country ski trails (not those for skate skiing).

Fat Biking


Rocky Mountain Hybrid bikes for sale. Certified quality last year fleet

We liquidate our last year rental bikes fleet to make space for next years models.

Take advantage of the opportunity to own a high-end boutique rental bike, fully tuned and certified.

Go to sales page

We always certify, tune and change andy part that is not in perfect working condition, so you can have the peace of mind that you will have one of the best bikes for the money.


Rocky Mountain Performance Hybrid Bike includes accessories

Normally retail at over 1000$ we sell them for only 399$

Watch one of our skilled technician in the process of tuning a bike.


LA County bike rent

Santa Monica PierThe generosity of this past Canadian winter made my arrival in Santa Monica a blissful exercise in reductionism.   Parka, Sorels, overused wool base layers GONE at break neck speeds.  Hello cut offs, tanks and sneaks.  My skis, goggles, skates and neck warmers GONE.  Hello bike rental.   Inspired by the beach, I opted for a cruiser style bike, kelly green Townie by Electra.  You know, the kind where you pedal backwards to brake.  Hello beach.

And beach there is…it’s endless and ever changing.  The sheer number of bike rental shops attests to Los Angeles County seductive climate…especially in and around the Santa Monica Pier.  Muscle beach was buzzing – circus artists, fitness buffs, con-artists, fortune tellers, power walkers, surfers, tourists and cyclists all culminate here ~ each with their particular path of travel.  Cyclists in this part of the world are blessed with The Strand (now the Marvin Braude Bike Trail):  a 35 km (22-mile) paved bicycle path that runs mostly along the Pacific Ocean shoreline.Santa Monica Bike Path

The path starts in the Pacific Palisades and continues southbound, through Santa Monica, Venice City Beach, Dockweiler Beach, Playa del Rey, Manhattan Beach, El Porto Beach, Hermosa Beach all the way through to Redondo County Beach.  In addition, the city of Santa Monica is well endowed with amazing cycling infrastructure.  Shoppers & city lovers can easily cycle over to the Third Street Promenade thanks to numerous dedicated bike lanes.

Essentially, if you find yourself in LA Country and you like riding a bike, there’s no shortage of options available to you here.

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