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Life has become so much simpler since we started biking our kids to school and to their lessons!  We are committed to a car-free spring, summer and fall.  Our kids have helped us source and test the following products which, we are confident you and your family will love.



Available spring 2015 in white, orange, blue and black.


XTRACYCLE Color Options

$2499.00 CND.  Ma Bicyclette has Edgerunners for rent as part of it’s 2015 fleet.  Rental cost:  $19 / hour or $57 / day.   This bike holds 1-2 kids safely (see HOOPTIE bars and FOOT bars).  If you have infant(s), there are beautiful baby seats that snap into place.  This cargo bike is beyond useful, it’s flat out fun.  Click on image to watch the promotional video.

Weehoo iGo Trailer

WeeHoo iGo Trailer

Available as single or double seater.  New Single:  $459 – (fully assembled) or very lightly used ($389) at Ma Bicyclette.  Double $579 CND – (new & fully assembled).

This recumbent child trailer is available for rent at Ma Bicyclette.  Come test it and see how liberating the WeeHoo iGo is for you and your child.  Your child is to pedal, which, actually assists you, or if your child falls asleep they are secured by the three point harness and foot straps.

The WeeHoo iGo trailer is compatible with all adult bicycles and is easily removed.  Carries up to 27 kg/60 lbs. + and additional 7kg / 15 lbs of cargo.   Perfect for ages 2-8.   We’ve pulled our kids on this trailer using road bike, tandems, mountain bikes (off-roading is possible!) an regular city bikes.  Click on above image to watch a video on the WeeHoo iGo trailer in action.

WeeHoo iGo double

WeeHoo iGo double

WeeHoo iGo Canopy

WeeHoo iGo Canopy

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