Our team of trained bicycle mechanics can service every type of bike, performing preventative maintenance, emergency repairs or helping you upgrade your bicycle.  We strive to keep our turn-around time as fast as possible, in order to keep you riding.   A tune-up may take 1-3 days, however, most minor repairs can be done while you enjoy a refreshment on our deck or shop the Atwater Market.  We welcome you and your bike – regardless of pedigree.

Our mechanics will provide you with a free inspection, a brief consultation and an estimate on the cost of your repair(s) should your bicycle need servicing.


*Flat change with new tube  $ 14

*Wheel True    $ 15 – 18.50

*Cone adjustment (per)     $ 8

*Derailleur adjustment (per)    $ 10

*Install Chain or Install Cassette    $ 10

*Chain Cleaning & lube   $ 8

*Install Bottom Bracket   $ 20

*Cable & ends replacement  $ 10  ~ with housing length $ 15

*Brake adjustment     $ 5 – 10

Headset adjustment    $ 5

Miscellaneous accessory install    $ 5 – 25

Bar Tape Installation    $ 15

General repairs     $ 60 / hour

*Minimum shop charge     $ 5

*Shop labour rate:   $ 60 / hour   *The cost of parts are not included in service charges.

TUNE UP NO. 1 ~ $ 45.00

Front and back brakes adjusted.  Front and rear derailleur (gears) adjusted.  Air pressure checked and tires inspected.  Chain cleaned and lubricated.  Head set tension checked and adjusted.  General bicycle cleaning.  Bike safety check. Parts not included.

TUNE UP NO. 2 ~ $ 55.00

All services from TUNE UP NO. 1 + wheels trued.   Front and rear hub bearings adjusted. Parts not included.

Personable, bilingual staff

Personable, bilingual staff

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