Don’t let your bike sit outside this winter

Winter Bike Storage

Heated, secure site. Pro-mechanics care for your two wheeler.

Year after year we’ve seen it – the faces of hundreds burdened with guilt over having left their bicycles outside over the winter. Sheepishly they thrust their heavily rusted two wheelers towards our mechanics – looking hopeful, looking for forgiveness. Here are the facts: IT IS MORE EXPENSIVE TO LEAVE YOUR BIKE OUTSIDE OVER WINTER THAN TO STORE IT! Replacing parts in the spring can be costly, not to mention a very lengthy process (spring tune up wait times). Save your two-wheeler!

Ma Bicyclette (Old MTL) is offering $99.99 winter bicycle storage. Storage dates are open ended (June 1 @ latest), professional tune-up included in the price ($45 value) and our secure, heated boutique is centrally located.

For those of you who need to store their bicycles in an unheated garage, outbuilding or under a tarp on their balcony:

# 1 Wipe Down the Frame. Make sure your bike is free of grime, grease and dirt before storing it. Rag, light soap, not too much water – get off as much dirt as you can.

#2 Inflate the Tires. Fully inflate – especially if you are going to store your bike resting on its wheels. If you store your bike in an unheated garage, you can take the tires off and bring them inside to a heated area. This will protect the rubber on the tires. Avoid storing your bike in direct sunlight as it can dry up and split the sidewalls of your tires.

#3 Lubricate the Cables. Take a few minutes to lubricate the brake and shifter cables.

#4 Grease your quick release skewers: this will prevent them from rusting inside the axles.

#5 Clean & lubricate your chain. You can use a cleaner / lubricant like BIONET+(available at Ma Bicyclette)~ apply, let sit five minutes and then hold a clean rag lightly around the chain as you pedal backwards.
If steel-frame bicycles are left in an unheated garage the metal can get cold enough for condensation to build up inside the tubing. This causes big time rusting. It’s best to store these bikes in a heated area, or pre-treat the steel frame with rust-proofing oil.

Ma Bicyclette (in Old MTL) is ready to care for your bike this winter.  Storage dates are open ended, professional tune-up included in the cost and our secure, heated boutique is centrally located.  Spare yourself the spring-time tune up wait times.   You’ll be ready the second the spring is.