Food Truck Tour

 FOOD TRUCK TOUR (by bike) hosted by: Round Table Food Tours:  This is the ultimate “meals NnmVIuriPT30RQ5gFfdSOLyk6FAbbxltrRQqCkw8D84on wheels” experience!  From the bicycle that carries you to the food trucks that serve you. This tour explores the re-birth of street food in Montreal through tasting, context and policies surrounding the movement and the stories of who is behind the creation of the food. Montreal street food emphasizes: local products, homemade from A to Z, and culinary talent.  These tours run daily, starting May 1st – but a reservation is required!  For more detailed information, contact Round Table Food Tours at (514) 812-2003 or click here to reserve your tour:  RESERVE HERE

 Here’s the latest on Melissa Simard and her Food Truck Tour.

Ma Bicyclette Food Truck TourThe tour lasts 3.5 hrs, includes your  bike, helmet, pannier, accredited gastronomic guide and the tastings at 5 or 6 trucks. The cost is $150 + tx per participant. Drinks are also included. This is a heavy food tour and you will need the bike to roll you on back!

‘Round Table Tours is owned and run by Mélissa Simard. Mélissa is a professional cook, food blogger 4cornersofthetable, and has run a dinner club for eleven years. She also has a DEP in Professional Cooking and seven years of experience in the restaurant industry. She has given cooking workshops in schools, community organizations and as corporate team-building activities.


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