YUBA to the fleet!


After spending six years testing many of the cargo bicycles available on the market, Ma Bicyclette is very happy to welcome the YUBA MUNDO to their team!

Upon arrival to Ma Bicyclette, the Mundo was put to the test by the owners and their two sons (ages 6 & 7) who have spent hours cycling Montreal upon the flagship long tail cargo bike. Here is their feedback:

*The Mundo is surprisingly light, extremely stable and very user-friendly.

*The Mundo’s center stand is reliable and offers important hands free freedom from your upright, fully loaded bicycle. Now you can leave your kids safely in the back of your upright bicycle while you attach your helmet or answer your phone, or hell, just tie your shoelace.

*There are some very interesting accessories available to customize your Mundo as well, from the generous side cargo bags (I can fit a weeks worth of groceries in there) to the front load basket (case of beer, no problem) to the click in and out baby seats.

Ma Bicyclette is happy to offer families visiting Montreal the freedom to explore this tremendous cycling city with their kids with the help of the Mundo.

The Sweet Spot cushions on the full-sized Mundo allow an adult to carry two children in the back ($19/ hour or $60 / day), while the compact Mundo with YEPP baby seat allows you to ride safely with your precious little one ($15 / hour or $45 / day). *helmets and locks included in the rental cost*

Come by Ma Bicyclette to test-ride the Mundo.  We are so sure that you’ll love it that we will apply your rental cost towards your purchase price.

If you enjoy the outdoors and know how much more efficient and pleasant life can be on a bicycle, then we know you’ll appreciate doing it all with your kids. Yuba Video