A spring tune-up

Whether you realize it or not, a spring tune-up is beneficial for your bike for a number of reasons and can actually save you money and wait times.

After a winter season in storage your bike may have collected dust and dirt. Grease and lubricants become less effective, especially around the smaller mechanisms such as your shifters, hampering easy shifting. A good clean will not only make your bike shine, but ensure every component functions freely. A good spring tune-up also ensures that your wheels are free of any contaminants, which, can affect braking power.

Even if your bike looks great, some components could need replacing. For example, without the proper tool, it’s hard to tell if your chain and cassette are worn out. If they are, this may affect gear shifting or prematurely wear down your crank-set. Another example is your brake pads or your tires: they could very well need replacing.   Replacing worn out components on your bike in spring ensures that you won’t have to worry about it in the middle of the summer, when turnaround times can be longer.

Whether you are an avid or  occasional biker, spring provides a perfect opportunity for an upgrade. Maybe you’re looking to improve some of your existing components, or perhaps you just want to add accessories such as a kickstand, fenders or back rack. In any event, getting these things dealt with at the start of the season, means more time enjoying the improvements.

A good spring tune up is important from a prevention standpoint, allowing professionals to pick up on any unforeseen mechanical problems you might not catch. It is also important from a “taking care of business” perspective. By getting your bike set up properly out of the gates – you will enjoy more joy time and less wait time.


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