About Bike Lights

Lights are one of the KEY components that keep you safe during dusk or night time riding. Bike lights can essentially be split into two categories, depending on where you will be cycling.  1) Off Roading requires lights that illuminate the ground, a.k.a. mountain bike lights, and, 2) Urban Riding requires lights that will illuminate your path and make you visible to fellow cyclists and vehicles you encounter along your path.

  1. Mountain bike lights are about power. They need to light up unlit trails and illuminate obstacles such as roots & rocks. They need to have a much higher output of light, usually have a shorter run time and are generally much more expensive. Handlebar lights should have several hundred lumens of output.  It’s a good idea to look for high-capacity lithium ion batteries and smart chargers.
  2. Urban areas usually require more of safety light to ensure your visibility in dimly lit situations.  Factors such as weight & battery life are more important than power.  The number of LED (light emitting diodes) and whether they use rechargeable or disposable batteries will determine the price point.

Did you know? The SPVM (Service de Police de la Ville de Montreal) requires that all bicycles have at least one white headlight at the front of your bicycle and one red light in the back of your bicycle during nighttime riding. Failure to comply can result in a 37$ ticket.

The SPVM also requires that all bicycles have at least: 1) a white reflector in front, 2) a red reflector in back, 3) a yellow reflector on each pedal, 4) a reflector attached to the front wheel, 5) a reflector attached to the rear wheel.

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