Beyond Montreal…

Beyond Montreal…

The development of the Route verte began in 1995 and has been a collaboration with the Quebec ministry of transportation, Velo Quebec and numerous regional partners.  Today, the Route verte consists of over 5,300 kilometres of bikeways that link the various regions of Quebec.

To help plan your itinerary, there is an official guide that consists of detailed maps, Bienvenue cyclistes! network (these are bike-friendly accommodations and campsites), rest stops, parking facilities, visitor information centres, provincial/national parks and Villages-relais.   This guide also highlights information on Intercity transport, ferries and shuttle and luggage transfer services.  You can order your official guide here.

Among the more popular cycle-touring destinations is the Ptit train du Nord, a linear park in the Laurentians.  The cycling season starts in the month of May and ends in October.   Find more information here.

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