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Team Ma Bicyclette

Team Ma Bicyclette is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping motivated athletes do what they love most - race bicycles. Headquartered out of Montreal based bike shop Ma Bicyclette, the team is ideally located for its training rides as it sits on Crown land (revered park space) and directly on the banks of the historic Lachine Canal


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Our Team


Adrian Woznowski-Vu (28)

- Montréal -

Financier by day, competitive bike racer by night, Adrian is energized by his double life. Adrian’s grit, hard work and fortitude are contagious and contribute greatly to the team.

Aymeric Marty (30)

- France -

Aymeric is an environmental biologist who is fascinated with cycling – not only for its environment practicalities, but also, for the adrenaline rush. Soon after he started riding his fixed gear bike, he found himself competiting at the Red Hook Crit in Brooklyn.

Christopher Gill (20)

- Montréal -

For Chris, the faster the game, the more he likes it. In fact, it was the element of speed that turned his daily bike commute into a deep love for the bike racing.

Corinne Helbig (34)

- Montréal -

Corinne is all action - marathons and bike races...all the time. Corinne contributes greatly as a team player. She has a strong determination to win and values personal growth, personal responsibility and honesty.

Dylan Zhang (19)

- Saskatchewan -

A casual brush with a fixed gear bike turned into an overwhelming passion for this young powerhouse. Dylan’s competitive wiring has propelled him into the Montreal race scene.

Raur Meilleur Harvey (34)

- Montréal -

Raur loves the challenge of trying new things in the bicycle racing world.  She is a master while flying downhill and is improving her climbing skills daily.  Raur is a valued team player and has been known to work hard to get her teammates well positioned or assist in bringing them back to the peloton.

Jules Marchetti (26)

- Colombe, France -

A veritable cycling enthusiast, Jules favourite races are the long distance variety (250 + km). He has raced with Bikurious Racing Collective (2016), raced in the Toonie Crits and iBike Crit.

Gabrielle (34)

- Maniwaki, QC -

Alley cat races are right up Gabrielle's alley. She recently won second place at the Course des Morts 2017. She loves the challenges steep climbs and track courses have to offer. She is keen to improve her skills and race more.

Milo Manzano (36) Team Manager

- Mexico -

Manzano's years as a bike racer, competitive sports trainer and high-level athlete have prepared him for taking TMB riders to the next level. Manzano led 5 riders through a successful inaugural year, all the while, managing the ups and downs with composure.

Paul Nguyen (25) Team Trainer

- Gatineau, QC -

Paul's experience as a personal trainer and kinesiologist (Nautilus plus, Ubisoft, Sante Universel, UQAM, UdeMontrel) will be directed at helping each TMB athlete reach their full potential.

Team Ma Bicyclette

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TMB News

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Team Ma Bicyclette

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Location: 2727 rue Saint-Patrick, #101,
Montreal, QC H3K 0A8

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