Trans Am Bike Race

We at Ma Bicyclette would like to tip our hats to all the crazies that have ever participated in this truly heroic bicycle race. The Trans Am Bike Race (TABR) is a self-supported event for road bike racers that covers over 4300 miles, or 6920 km.

Trans Am Bike Race map


The race begins on the Pacific Coast in Astoria, Oregon and runs to the Atlantic coast in Yorktown, Virginia. Participants cycle across ten states, as fast as they can.

The inaugural race dates back to 2014, during which 25 mighty riders completed the distance. Mike Hall– a British cyclist – finished with a record time of 17.5 days.

Self supported means no outside assistance, no support cars and no drafting. Each rider is required to maintain themselves (food, water, shelter) and their equipment.

Be prepared to average 246 miles, or 396 km per day (despite the topography) if you are looking to rival the existing TABR record.

Female Power:  Lael Wilcox is an American cyclist who has been traveling the world by bicycle for the past eight years and competes in ultra endurances races. She was the 2016 overall TABR winner, setting an impressive record time of 18d 0h 10m.

The race is currently accepting inquiries for solo or paired riders for their 4th iteration of the race due to start June 3rd, 2017 at 6 a.m.

Still not convinced? Perhaps you might want to take a closer look to it and see the par course of this ambitious journey as it is very well documented in the film: Inspired to ride.

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